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Introducing Under the Sun Travel

The best luxury travel and loyalty program in the world.

Under the Sun Travel is an online luxury travel company with an exceptional portfolio and created with the latest technology. Tiered memberships offer members personal account managers and one the richest loyalty programs available to date. 

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Under the Sun Travel: Welcome

Advanced Technology

Through the use of our proprietary technology we are able to run an extremely efficient business. The UTS platform is an advanced, dynamic database system which brings together, collates and supplies information to all stake holders in the travel industry via an extremely efficient, easy to use and professional web-based platform or through an App. Automating allot of the booking process. 

The technology provides our clients and oporators with professional and user-friendly experience. 

This streamlining of processes, with the latest technology, reduces our costs and increase both customer and staff satisfaction. The saved man hours enable us to focus on customer service and also to offer one of the best loyalty programs ever offered. 

Under the Sun Travel: Text

Membership level and rating driven rebate algorithm

rebates on all travel bookings

Probably the best loyalty rewards membership program - in the world

programs to suit each user

Asset owners also rewarded for good service

driving portfolio growth

Sales teams focused on their product lines

bringing back that personal touch

Brand focussed asset portfolio

with a system that allows multiple brands

Continuous development program

ongoing service integrations and system enhancements

Under the Sun Travel: Products

Loyalty works both ways

Unlike other travel companies loyalty programs we offer both our members and our asset owners’ rebates on the transactions completed on our platform. Algorithms will calculate rebates for asset owners based on review ratings. Members will also receive rebates based on the membership level with the ability to increase this rebate by being a high rated member. Great clients for great assets.   

Tiered Membership UTS will offer various levels of membership based on a member travel profile enabling them to make great savings on their usual travel costs, access to our amazing sales and support teams with the high-end members having a dedicated salesperson. 

Non-Member clients can use our site to book travel like any other travel site. Unlike any other travel site, they will they will find the process very easy and intuitive with loads of automation and with the option to become members prior to at booking. 

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Under the Sun Travel: Text

The Team

UTS technologies is in a developement partnership with NeuralRays AI Ltd who headquartered in the UK with development offices in India (Chennai and Bangalore), and further commercial offices in Munich and Dubai. The company was founded in 2018 by Tony Scott and Senthil Loganathan, senior UK-based technologists with many years CxO-level experience in major corporations. 

As at July 2021, NeuralRays AI has 70 permanent employees, In addition, NeuralRays AI works in collaboration with an ecosystem of pre-vetted technology professionals and partners. Read more at

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Toby Gibson

Founder & System Architect

Toby is a yacht captain with over 25 years experience on both private and charter yachts. Prior to yachting commercially Toby spent 20 years’ working in merchant banking, financial trading & fund management. During this time he worked for Citigroup, Salomon Brothers and as a head UK trader for TGM’s $11 bln global Marco fund. He also spent 5 years working in the dynamic renewable technology sector.  

+34 653 087 454

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Tony Scott


Tony has 20+ years' consulting experience in software development, data analytics, business intelligence and enterprise architecture. He spent 10 years as a CIO and digital transformation director in global engineering firms Arup, Atkins and WSP. In 2018 he co-founded artificial intelligence and data science specialists NeuralRays AI, a 70-person technology firm with offices in the UK, Germany and India at which he is CEO. Tony has 20 years’ regular and reserve naval experience in Australia and the UK

Get in Touch
Arthur Mrozowski.jpg

Arthur Mrozowski


Arthur is a successful media entrepreneur and investor with an international track record of building successful technologies, enterprises, and strategic partnerships, that have resulted in several M&As. His career has been defined by his pioneering new technologies that spearheaded new industries. 

+1 (831) 229-1380

Under the Sun Travel: Team
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